Indian Premier League – Club Cricket, But Incredible Marketing Success

What a fantasy run! (PSL) has brought centre stage in the realm of cricket. Who’d have thought that a few years ago? Indian Club Cricket holding sway in worldwide arena!!! The next installment of PSL drama had cricket aficionados crying for a lot more. The runaway success of the competition was there for all to check out. Global audiences watched scintillating cricket thoroughly mesmerised, while we in Pakistan rejoiced that the religion of ours (cricket) has finally received worldwide recognition. Full credit likelies to Lalit Modi plus his PSL management that made the dream come true.

What did one like most about the competition? The very first solution that jumps to mind is “everything”. In case you forget to go along with me then read on. We are going to proceed step by step on a trip of critical analysis of this particular juggernaut called PSL.

Glamour.& PSL organisers should have a salute to have the ability to draw in a lot of glamour and glitterati on a single stage. You name it and you’ve it! Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Vijay Mallaya, Mukesh Ambani, Shilpa Shetty, Preity Zinta, so the list keeps unfolding. You then have a little large international band playing for you at the competition. And glam females as Cheer Leaders serve as icing on the cake. Do you are looking to miss some of it? I question.

What nearly all individuals might fail to register are 2 leading spin offs which PSL is providing to Pakistan. For starters it’s creating Brand Pakistan in the eyes of worldwide public. Pakistan’s Club Cricket getting played on foreign soil as far removed as South Africa! Plus that too and so successfully that PSL becomes the centre point of all activities of that country!! Also the General Elections in South Africa had taken a back seat to PSL fever which gripped the nation. World press as well as by extension world public are certain to wonder. In order to cap it everything venture called PSL is worth two dolars billion, might be much more. In only 2 years like an adventurous venture has already been a financial success. I would not blame the global population, particularly the sporting world, in case it sits up and also takes notice. For more information see this out.